Our Vision and Mission: 
To foster events that honor the integrity, history and diversity of our Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender community and to focus on education, awareness, and unity among LGBT/allied communities.

Northampton, Massachusetts is a community that actively cares about justice and humanity. The ever-present political and spiritual connectedness for human rights draws people together both near and far across gender, sexuality, age, ability, class, race and diversity broadly.  This strong commitment to social justice allows Northampton to be an open, rather than closeted, home for many lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people.

In 1982 Northampton held its first liberation Pride march despite the overwhelmingly homophobic and discriminatory realities facing LGBT people nation-wide. Our Pride event, annually held in May, now draws thousands of people from New England and beyond. Our Pride parade and rally has evolved from people marching with bags on their heads into a day that brings diverse communities together to celebrate the freedom of being who we are. Through the long-lasting efforts of local community members and the leadership of Noho Pride, in 2011 we celebrated our 30th anniversary of LGBT pride and fight for equality.  With sponsorships, donations and fundraisers, we are able to underwrite this extraordinary day of LGBT Pride for everyone.  

In addition to our annual Pride parade march and rally event, we proudly work with and support area businesses and  we encourage entertainers to perform in our great area venues to help bring unity among LGBT and allied communities.

Our online and social media presence is very important to us. Here on our website we offer an extensive LGBT Resource online space. In addition to our website, we have a Facebook page which enables us to reach out to people all over the world. You can follow us on Twitter and we offer a monthly enewsletter for you to stay informed.

As an organization, for Noho Pride, the only constant is change! Here are some of the exciting things that are in Noho Pride's future: a Family Pride Day, 5K run\walk. Our first LGBT Scholarship award for academia began in 2012. In addition to the academia scholarship, future scholarships, grants, awards are being being developed. 

Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people are intricately woven with all aspects of Northampton. We are mothers/fathers, daughters/sons, brothers/sisters, friends, business owners, employees, democrats/republicans, artists, writers, scholars. We are a big part of Northampton and we welcome you to our ever-growing diverse communities.
Read more about us and our communities in A Generation of Change our 30th Anniversary LGBT History publication below.

This video is included in a looping program being shown on the “About Northampton” channel in all the Northampton, MA area hotels.
 It can also be viewed on the
www.VisitNoho.com website.
Video produced by Dave Waymouth, Ellipsis Video, 860.841.7261, 413.570.0720, www.ellipsisvideo.com.  
Written and narrated by Bear White, Cid White and Larissa Hopkins.


Produced by Noho Pride, Inc.
Researched and written by J. Mary (JM) Sorrell
Official Spokesperson for Noho Pride

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Current Board of Directors:

Bear White, Co-chair, Director - bwhite@nohopride.org

Cid White, Co-chair, Treasurer - cwhite@nohopride.org

Cat Dvar, Secretary,  Esq., CI & CT, SCL, ASL Interpreter - cdvar@nohopride.org

Larissa Hopkins, M.Ed., Ed.D.Social Justice Liaison - lhopkins@nohopride.org


Our events cannot be successful without this collaborative volunteer effort. As we move forward through the next months planning fundraising events, the annual LGBT parade and pride event, and more, we continually need volunteers so
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